Tired of Struggling As An Affiliate?

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From: Calvin Woon & Patricia Lin

Dear Friend,

Let me guess... you haven't made a single penny in affiliate sales, have you...?

It all seemed so easy didn't it... ?

But you failed...

And you know what?

It's NOT your fault...

Because the gurus ain't teaching you exactly what they are doing!

Here's something you may not know...

Over 97% of ALL affiliates have NEVER made a single sale online...

However, all this is about to change as...

I'm about to reveal to you a SIMPLE technique that has allowed us to rake in $9,768.00, $10,348.83 & $7,869.50 in affiliate commissions each time we tried it!

But first, let me tell you this...

That's right, I was like you just 2 years back...

I bought almost every single course which promised the world...

I tried almost every method the gurus taught like article marketing, social media, blog commenting...

And I even setup a whole bunch of review sites and spent thousands of dollars generating traffic...

But still, my Clickbank account showed a BIG FAT ZERO!

After that, I got smart and tried to build a list instead... 

Afterall, the "MONEY IS IN THE LIST!"... That's what everyone says, right?

"WRONG!" - The first few times I sent out an email to my subscribers, I did NOT even manage to make ONE sale!


You're sending traffic to your affiliate links directly through article marketing, video marketing and social media but you barely make any sales

You tried setting up affiliate review sites and used SEO and other traffic generation methods like everyone else but experienced little results

You already have a subscribers list but everytime you send out an email promoting offers, you barely make ANY sales at all (& you're wondering why!)

You are making a couple of affiliate sales here and there and you wish to really bring this game to the next level and skyrocket your commissions without much effort!

You've bought practically almost every latest course out there that promises the world only to realize all the gurus are just trying to make a quick buck off you by selling you rehashed stuff

You've tried practically everything you can to generate affiliate sales but you are simply nowhere close to making those outrageous commissions which seem so easy for those Clickbank gurus

You are almost on the verge of giving up because you're sick and tired of all the hype out there and you wish for something that really works! 

I know EXACTLY how you feel... Because I was in your shoes before...

I decided all this has to stop as I was graduating soon and I did not want to get a JOB.

So I got smart and decided to observe how the other SUPER AFFILIATES are crushing it with every single product they promote.

And here's the one COMMON technique I discovered among these superstars...

Yes it's true... 

The super affiliates all do ONE extra step and that is they pre-sell using product walkthrough videos!

These are videos that simply walk the customer through the buying process and then proceed to review the product live.

There's no hard selling involved at all.. But they work great because they builds instant proof and trust in your review and it converts like crazy...

I was a little skeptical at first so I decided to try it out for myself...

And boy, this technique works like GANGBUSTERS!


And since then, I've proven time and time again that they work BIG time with all the results I've achieved with each affiliate promotion I do.


YES, I Want To Achieve These Results NOW!


“The Traffic You Sent Converted BETTER Than Anyone Else's & You Were The #2 Affiliate!”

Hi Calvin and Patricia,

Thank you so much for supporting my recent product launch.

The presell walkthrough video that you made to promote our launch obviously worked VERY well. The traffic you sent converted better than anyone else's!

As a result, you were the #2 affiliate for the entire launch, and made THOUSANDS of dollars in the process!

Eric Holmlund


“I'm REALLY Pleased With What I've Seen!”

Hi Calvin & Patricia,

I was a little skeptical at first but decided to pick this up as your products and services have always been that good!

But so far, I'm REALLY pleased with what I've seen so far.

I plan to edit the voiceovers with my own voice just to stand out a bit more. I was happy to see some of the products I purchased and am an affiliate for in your list of walkthrough videos. It's always nice to know that you made a good choice. 

Can't wait for my affiliate earnings to grow.

Thanks again guys and keep these offers coming!

Best Regards,

Wyteria Jacobo


“I Absolutely LOVE It & I'm VERY HAPPY!”

Hi Calvin and Patricia!

I just purchased your Affiliate Earnings Booster package and I absolutely LOVE it! As usual, all your products are packed with a lot of VALUE, and your customers cannot resist such offers. 

Almost all the products you have launched so far are part of my IM arsenal, and I am happy for that. Your products and your spirit of entrepreneurship is always inspirational to all upcoming IM entrepreneurs. 

Thanks again



“This Is A TREMENDOUS Value And Will Save Me Many HOURS Of Tricky Work!”

Hey Calvin - thanks for this, I just bought the package, and it's VERY good!

I know most of these products, and I can easily add some of my own personal spin on things, by taking your existing script and re-telling in my own words and voice.

I think this will make them even more effective and believable. And the transcripts are a HUGE bonus as this makes the voice over replacement quick and easy to do.

Your video production is AWESOME, and the structure of the content is also great, judging from the three videos I have checked out so far. That is by FAR the biggest challenge in making a walkthrough video like  this. 

So for me, this package of videos is a TREMENDOUS value... and will really save me many many hours of tricky work.

Good stuff and I LOVE it!



Reason #1: Creates INSTANT Proof!

You're showing your prospects onscreen with instant proof that the product you're promoting is not a scam because you just bought it and you got what you promised.

This is ESPECIALLY vital in non-IM niche markets where most people have never bought a digital product online before!

Reason #2: Builds INSTANT Trust!

Because they can literally see with their own eyes that your review is real because you actually bought the product and you're not just some affiliate down the street trying to make a quick buck off them!

And if repeat customers are part of your business, this trust creates loyalty in you. Because if your review are all real and your customers know they can trust your recommendations,  they will end up buying more from you in the future!

Reason #3: They Don't Hard Sell

The review videos do one very important thing: They tell, they don't hard-sell.

The viewer will feel comfortable that they aren't getting a sales pitch, but instead, useful information which will pique their curiosity and satisfy them that the products talked about are real and of value.

Thus, this will help motivate and convert your visitors into buyers!

Reason #4: Clear Instructions What To Do

Here's another reason why these videos are so powerful. Because you take your visitors through the entire checkout process and show them how to order, you are actually giving them step-by-sep instructions what to do in order to get the solution to their problems.

And your prospects will just follow the instructions which you've presented them with and buy through your affiliate link (sneaky but very effective!)

Reason #5: Powerful Visualization! 

Again, your prospects can now picture what having and using the  product is like. So it's not just their imagination how the product is like but they've seen YOU use the product. So it haunts them and they simply have to get the product now!


If you're thinking to yourself "How I wish I can achieve those results too!", then:

I've got GOOD NEWS for you that is going to allow you to easily DUPLICATE our astounding results for YOURSELF!

Because introducing...

“Watch A Walkthrough Of This Package!”

See, my partner Patricia and I spent THOUSANDS of dollars just to BUY all the top digital products online and we spent DAYS studying each product to identify those that were worth promoting...

I then got my team to spend WEEKS to record these compelling product walkthrough videos for these products which passed our strict evaluation criteria...

The end result is an AWESOME package containing highly-effective personable & compelling video reviews in the most popular niches on the Internet right now!

The videos you'll be receiving are NOT the normal hyped up "infomercial" or auto-generated videos which do NOT convert well at all!

These are screen capture videos showing someone actually BUYING the product and taking your visitors through the entire checkout process and then proceeding to review the product LIVE...

In that case, other people can literally see with their own eyes that your review is real because you actually bought the product and you're not just some affiliate down the street trying to make a quick buck off them!

Here's what this entire package contains:

The Internet Marketing niche is without a doubt the most popular and PROFITABLE niche online.

And with this package of walkthrough videos, it makes raking in commissions from this red-hot niche a very simple process.

You can be assured that there is NO rubbish "one-click" software products in the list! 

Every single product is a HIGH QUALITY product with a sales page that converts very WELL.

So you can promote these products will full CONFIDENCE as your customers will be proud to own them and you won't be hit with a 50% refund rate.

PLUS, there's several products which offer INSTANT & even LIFETIME commissions. So your income potential is MULTIPLED exponentially!

And with our Affiliate Earnings Booster videos, it just make everything so easy...

YES, I Want These AWESOME Videos NOW!

Now if you wish to really succeed as a super affiliate, you definitely need to explore MULTIPLE niches!


Multiple Niches = Multiple Streams Of Income!

Diversification is the key to building a sustainable affiliate business and the chances of you failing is much lower!

In the past, it was tough because you had to send time profiling customers in unfamiliar niches.

But now you don't have to because I've done all the hard work for you!

So if you haven't explored outside of the IM niche previously, this is your BEST chance to tap into these equally lucrative niches.

Or even if you're not promoting IM products currently, this will be IDEAL for you as well. 

Because I've scoured the Clickbank marketplace and identified the FOUR HOTTEST niches (OUTSIDE of the IM niche) right now...

And I got my team to put together a total of TWENTY highly-effective video reviews in these four niche markets as well!

Just take a look at the potential earnings per sale for each product... 

Even if you get lazy and just promote them half-heartedly, all you need to do is just to make 2 sales per day and you will easily earn over $2K/month at least!

And imagine if you took this abit more seriously... 

You will be raking in over a massive five figures per MONTH just from using these booster videos!


Sample 1: Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review


Sample 2: Get Him Back Forever Review

YES, Let Me TRIPLE My Commissions NOW!

Yes that's right...

You'll receive both the web ready .mp4 version as well as the .wmv source files to these videos.

This means you can edit these videos in ANY way you like and use them for your own affiliate promotions.

Put them on your review sites, stream it on your own sites and send it out to your subscribers list and get them to buy through your link... 

The choice is yours!

The only restriction is you can't give away or sell the videos as it is.

Don't like the voice inside the videos or wish to add in your OWN VOICE to these videos instead?

It's now POSSIBLE!

By popular demand, we're throwing in the written transcripts to ALL the videos.

So you can well record your OWN voice over and add it into the videos to make it more personable and unique! 

And YOU get to be the EXPERT now!

Or if you would just like to see how these scripts are put together so you can record your own videos in future, this will help tremendously as well!


We're also throwing a PDF file containing the links to the sales page and affiliate sign up page for ALL the products.

So you can just refer to this PDF file to sign up for the various affiliate programs and get started with promoting these products with NO HASSLE! 

With this, you can profit from these affiliate programs INSTANTLY!


Here's what you'll discover inside this video series:

  • 5 QUICK and EASY ways to start profiting wildly from these videos starting today!

  • 3 instant ways to stream your videos online!

  • How to brand your videos so it won't be "stolen" by others!

  • How to add in your own voice-over to these videos

  • How to insert your affiliate links into the HTML files!

And much much more!

When you order today, you'll be able to:

Cut short the research time on finding the top products to promote! 
Actually understand the products FIRST before promoting it (so you can be assured that not promoting some crappy products!
Gain access to an arsenal of autopilot pre-sell machines raking you commissions on comeplete autopliot (even while you sleep!) 
Brand yourself as an expert and differentiate yourself from the rest of the affiliates out there!
Provide extra value to your subscribers and show them that you genuinely CARE (and build a loyal base of raving fans!)
Turn an unresponsive list into responsive and knowledgeable buyers (who will buy everything you recommend because they trust you!)
No longer waste all the traffic that you send to your review sites because this will triple your conversons and commissions at least!
Rake in THOUSANDS of dollars of commissions from every single affiliate product you promote and no longer have to suffer from measly commissions ever!
Dominate launch contests effortlessly and propel yourself to join the league of SUPER AFFILIATES

And much much MORE!


Here's the thing... 

I'm NOT afraid of competition at all because it's going to take alot of TIME and MONEY to create such high converting review videos for so many products. 

And that's something which most affiliates don't have... 

But with Affiliate Earnings Booster, you don't even have to worry about all these because everything is done for YOU.

And even if people are buying this, I'm not afraid of competition at all.. 

Because there's hundreds of MILLIONS of potential customers online and chances of them seeing the same videos online is just so little. 

And there's THOUSANDS of different ways to get traffic to these videos so that's the reason why I'm not afraid at all and why you shouldn't be afraid as well.

In fact, with the source files word for word transcripts to these videos, so you can make any changes you like and make these videos completely UNIQUE to YOU!

Bottomline is, these videos will help YOU annihiliate your competition instead of bringing you more competitors. 

And your job as a super affiliate is NOT to worry about competition but to figure out ways to differentiate yourself from the rest of the affiliates out there and Affiliate Earnings Booster will help you achieve that effortlessly!

YES, Let Me Get Rid Of My Competition NOW!


I'm glad you asked...

Before I reveal the price, I'm sure you know that if you were to create such walkthrough videos yourself, it's going to cost you THOUSANDS. 

Why do I say that? 

You have to first buy all 40 products which is going to cost you ALOT of money obviously, right? 

In fact, this is the amount you will need to fork out to purchase all 40 products!

Next, you have to review the product and you have to capture everything inside a video. 

I'm sure you know it takes alot of time and effort to create a compelling review that actually makes people excited and want to buy the product.

This is how much time you're going to need...

+ MULTIPLY That For 40 Products...

Let's say you value one hour of your time at a measly $20....


A similar package from our competitor recently sold for a WHOPPING $197 for JUST 10 videos WITHOUT any of the bonuses we're offering!

And it's already a HEAVILY DISCOUNTED price with each individual video currently selling at $69 EACH. 

Guess what? 

It's honestly worth every penny because of the HUGE amounts of time and investment required to produce such high quality videos!

However with our Affiliate Earnings Booster package, you don't EVER have to pay HUGE amounts.

Because of this, for a limited time, we've put together several special fast action bonuses – just for our Affiliate Earnings Booster customers, and we're GIVING THEM AWAY to reward those who take action fast.

It doesn't matter if you change your mind tomorrow, or in 60 days, you still get to keep these fast-action bonuses!


SUPER AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS is a step-by-step, paint-by-the-numbers digital study course on how you can exhibit and condition your mind for affiliate marketing riches.

Mindset is everything. If you want to empower yourself to become a wealth generator, you must start with the stuff in between your ears.

And into the later parts of the course, I will be showing you some of my favorite, proven methods to ramp up my monthly profits - doing nothing more than selling other people's products (which I don't have to create or even offer a single minute of time to customer service)... working nothing more than a few hours a day.

Module 1: Secrets of the Super Affiliate Minds

Module 2: Identifying a Profitable Niche

Module 3: How to Pick Highly Profitable Affiliate Programs

Module 4: Your Residual Affiliate Profit Funnel

Module 5: Super Affiliate Traffic Methods

And much much more!


If you look at the bloggers who really make a killing online from their blogs, they all focus on just one thing - building highly profitable affiliate marketing blog with WordPress!

Nothing else really matters!

With Affiliate Blogging Videos, you will learn the exact tactics and strategies used by millionaire affiliate bloggers to dominate niche markets and squeeze every last penny out of everyone with very little work!


Ok you might be wondering, how does this help in increasing your affiliate commissions?

It's simple!

One of the easiest ways to boost your affiliate commissions is by offering a bonus package which complements the product you're promoting.

And with this package of 10 PLR products, you can instantly use them as bonuses for your Internet Marketing affiliate promotions!

So this will further enhance your conversions and send your commissions through the roof!


Of course, one traffic package is never enough as you should be driving traffic to your site EVERY day using different techniques.

And we've got this ALL covered in this comprehensive Traffic & SEO video training course.

Inside this special 10 part training you will discover...

How to compete and beat the biggest websites online with absolutely no advertising budget!

My secret system and process for generating targeted traffic to your website within 24 hours!

Proven SEO strategies that only the most seasoned SEO professionals are aware of.

One viral marketing strategy very few marketers even use and how you can tap into this for massive traffic.

How to properly repurpose your content to create a massive influx of cash-in-hand website visitors nearly begging to become your next customer.

The process for using a secret website to find and gain massive back links from up and coming powerful websites.

A simple 5 minute strategy for creating an effective online video that will pull website visitors to your site like a magnet.

Plus much, much more!

This will ensure you are well equipped to drive a TON of traffic to your sites!

Still apprehensive? It's ok, we understand. We were once scammed to the point that we refused to make a single purchase online! 

That is why we've decided to place all the risks on ourselves and make your investment irrelevant by offering our...

Yes you read that RIGHT! Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no questions-asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee.

Just give these videos a try and if you do not see any increment in your affiliate commissions, let us know and we'll buy back the entire package from you!

If you do not feel like you've received over TEN times the value for the price you paid for this package, we don't want your money...

If for ANY reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just contact us ANYTIME within the next 60 days and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price within 48 hours - NO hassle at all!

As a special thank you for taking action and purchasing the Affiliate Earnings Booster Premium package, you will receive 30 days FREE access to the Affiliate Earnings Booster membership!

In this membership, you'll receive 10 BRAND NEW product walkthrough videos every single month!

So you'll always have the LATEST and FRESH products to promote. 

There will be five new videos in the IM niche and the other five in other popular non-IM niches.

If you want to cancel, we make it EASY. You simply contact us at any time during your 30 day free membership and you will be immediately cancelled within 24 hours time.

If you decide to stay, you will be automatically billed the $17 for the first month after the free 30 day trial and then $17 per month, every month, ongoing, at the special discount membership that is allocated only to Affiliate Earnings Booster Premium package buyers.

We make cancelling your membership easy. You simply contact us using the contact function in the members area. But, we are confident, after you witness how powerful these video are, you will want to stay a member. Either way, we make it easy so you can make up your own mind!


“This ONE Tweak Alone Boosted
My Conversions By 9%!”

Hey, this is awesome stuff!

And to prove it, I made a simple change in my own autoresponder to test this out...

I took an email in my follow up series that send traffic straight to the product and instead changed it so it went to a video walk-through of that product (using the exact same stuff this technique preaches).

The results? 

That ONE tweak alone literally boosted my conversions by 9%.

This is a no brainer for sure, as all of Calvin + Patricia's products are...

Thanks again!

-Tom Ness


“Went From 2 Pathetic Sales to
A Whopping 63 Sales!”

I have a small list of 4,782 subscribers. I have sent them occasional offers from time to time and I made the occasional one or two sales from each mailing. 

I came across the Earnings Booster Video series and decided to purchase because I myself, if I was shown products the way the videos showed them I would be much more likely to purchase since I would know because of the video what I would be getting. So I got them. 

That was the BEST decision I think I made for the year so far. I sent the video to my small list of subscribers expecting maybe one or 2 more sales than usual. 

But it was a GREAT SURPRISE to see that SIXTY THREE people so far from my small list decided to purchase the product related to the Affiliate Earnings Booster video I sent them! I was ECSTATIC!

These videos have changed the way I market to my list. No longer will I have to hard sell or hope for sales because of these amazing Product Walk-through videos. 

They are in depth from the purchase to the actual usage. I think that's what made my usually unresponsive list purchase. The fact they were able to see the entire process from beginning to end, and it gave them assurance knowing fully what they were purchasing. That's the beauty of the Earnings Booster Videos. 

It also greatly reduces the refund rate as people are purchasing with prior knowledge of what they are getting. 

They are truly amazing tools for an affiliate to have in his arsenal. I really needed something like this all along. These video turned my usually unresponsive list into responsive and knowledgeable buyers. 

I'm eagerly looking forward to the next set of videos. I have some superb ideas for how to use these videos as well, apart from sending them to my list. I'm going to double and triple my income with these methods using the Earnings Booster Videos. Shhhhhhh... Wont be able to tell you here. Its a secret. :-) 

Thanks a million Calvin and Patricia!

Lyndon Irvine


“HUGE Time Saver - Thanks For The EXCELLENT Videos!”

Hi Calvin,

The Affiliate Earnings Booster videos are great. Having a review video available really helps my customers understand what they are getting before plunking down cold hard cash. Also it's a HUGE time saver for me personally. 

Thanks again for the excellent videos!

Michael Wilson


Alright, I'm not going to waste a second of your time with any specially designed sales pitch that is supposed to convince you that you need what we've got.

If you wish to experience the feeling of seeing commission notification emails in your inbox every single day just like how our customers did, you MUST ACT NOW!

You will be redirected to the members area once you take action today and you can see results immediately after you start using these videos.

It's as simple as that!

You know as well as I do that this is an opportunity that you will NEVER be able to find elsewhere. So grab your package now before prices are raised. 


To Your INCREASED Commissions,

Calvin Woon & Patricia Lin 

P.S. Imagine what it would be like if you could go from a struggling affiliate to raking in a hefty five figures a month just from affiliate marketing alone. It can now be a reality with Affiliate Earnings Booster and if you click here to secure your package today!

P.P.S. Remember, the price will go up really soon. And the special bonus is ONLY limited to the first 100 premium members. Your investment is totally risk free as you're backed by our full 60-day money back guarantee. So don't hate yourself for missing out!

P.P.P.S. Alright, you've made it till the end of this letter and you're still reading. So there must be a reason why... Just trust your intuition and go ahead and click here to secure your Affiliate Earnings Booster package and you will be proven right!

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